How to be as good at your résumé as you are at your dating profile

And how to avoid all the mistakes that’ll get you that left-swipe from HR.

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Kathryn Minshew
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Kathryn Minshew

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A Laptop with as Much Swagger As You

The Dell XPS has us falling in love at first sight. Like any good partner, this powerhouse laptop continues to impress. From its outstanding performance to its superior display and unbeatable battery life, every not-so-little detail that goes into the XPS redefines what it means to be a premium product. Did we mention how good the screen is for binge-watching *cough* we mean working? The 4-sided InfinityEdge Display creates a larger-than-life viewing experience. Plus it’s super lightweight so it can easily accompany you from work to class and more. See? We told you it’s the perfect partner. You and the XPS. The beginning of a beautiful love story.

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If Plan A Falls Through, We’ve Gotchu

Plan B One-Step aims to flip the script and empower women with the knowledge they need when it comes to their sexual health decisions and using emergency contraception, with an “I’ve got this” mindset. Plan B is accessible right off the shelf in all major retail stores, should your Plan A fall through.